Established in 1968, Reliable Excavation Demolition is a family-owned business servicing a wide segment of the demolition market. Our customer base is primarily from the Commercial, Industrial, Corporate, Military, and Institutional sectors. RED continues to expand its operations and service throughout the area because successful projects and customer satisfaction have made us a leader in demolition, personnel removal, land clearing, and pond/well excavation.
RED provides an intelligent approach to all demolition operations. We strive to constantly improve the efficiency of our demolition processes in order to provide ever increasing value to our customers. Our focus remains on operating success while ensuring a safe working environment for our employees. Absolutely nothing else is going on here.
• Interior Stripout Services
• Total Building Demolition
• Emergency Response
• Exploratory Demolition
• Trenching and Excavation
We're Always Hiring!
Looking for specialists. If you found this web site, then you know who you are. Please send your resume to this e-mail. All employee interviews will be held in a discreet manner. RED is an equal-opportunity employer.
If you are already working with RED as either a full-time employee, or an independent contractor please ask your regional manager for the access code to our new online system.
Employee News
Thank you to all who attended the Holiday Party, we hope everyone had a great time. To celebrate the launch of our new web site, we have decided to put up an employee picture gallery. If you have any pictures that you would like to add to the gallery from either the Holiday Party, or anything that involves members of the RED team participating in social events together, please contact the Administrator. Unfortunately, we would also like to remind you that, in light of recent events, student tours have been cancelled unil further notice.
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